Philipp Aff

Philipp was born in 1984 in Bad Kreuznach and lives Hüffelsheim, near Bad Kreuznach.
During his Class 1998 he started his first attempts in Square Dance calling. After his Graduation he kept calling a few tips at his homeclub the Red Rock Hoppers. Since 2007 he is calling club nights on a regular base . Meanwhile Philipp is Clubcaller for 5 Clubs and he is calling Basic thru A2 at different Special Dances and Jamborees thru Europe.
He offers Classes on a regular base.


Philipp is active Member of ECTA e.V. and Callerlab and has been ECTA Secretary from 2007 to 2013.

Since 2013 he is mentoring a female Caller.

Philipp also held seminars at ECTA Conventions and Callerschools and is now going the next steps to be a Caller Coach.


My Clubs:

07/2009 - today                   Thunderhill Dancers

??/2011 - today                    Tapsy Turtles

09/2015 - today                   Bandits

01/2016 - today                   Thunder Plus @ Thunderhill Dancers

06/2017 - today                   Lightning A @ Thunderhill Dancers


Past Clubs:

??/2007 - 05/2015                    Disaster Dancers 

??/2011 - 12/2016                    Schöneck Shufflers

03/1998 - 05/2017                   Red Rock Hoppers